The sun is already shining on the terraces in Cascais

The terraces in Cascais are beginning to give an air of grace, but attention is concentrated in the first instance at Hotel Baía, the mythical and also the first hotel to be born in the village, right in the center and facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most well-known terraces in the village and has 59 years of good times to tell. Come and be part of history with your next memories on this terrace.

Hotel Baía has prepared a new menu dedicated to sunny days and mild nights by the seafront in Cascais. There are brunch, cocktails, snacks, dishes and, of course, the majestic imperial that remains as fresh as the desire of those who ask for it on sunny days. More than a month of celebration, it is the month to return to the good times and flavors that the hotel has always accustomed you to. The esplanade returns in full force and its presence is just missing for the scene to be complete. Come and delight yourself with the new menu of one of the most beautiful terraces in Cascais.

The lively days have returned to the terraces in Cascais, and at Hotel Baía there are more returns to toast. The Happy Hour that so many friends gathered in 2020 is back, every Wednesday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with a special discount on drinks. Invite a few more friends and enjoy your place in the sun in good company. These are the first news on the return to the terraces in Cascais, but Hotel Baía still has more news to announce. Live music will also be one of the next highlights, but for now, the veil of this surprise cannot yet be lifted. On the terraces of Cascais, the maximum capacity is 6 people per table (and 4 inside) so that the conditions of hygiene and safety, as well as the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health can be fulfilled. This is the Hotel Baía’s commitment to offering good moments to its customers, in one of the terraces in Cascais with more history to tell.

Hotel Baía was founded in 1962 by João Soares and still remains in its original place today. Today, it is one of the references of the village, but even before the hotel was built, it was already a very popular place. It was in this building that today we see the hotel that the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie of Lisbon and the surrounding area got together for conviviality: in the emblematic “Café Tavares”.
In the late 1950s, Estoril started to gain a reputation as the “new luxury resort in Europe”, when it received many foreign tourists. João Soares, the founder, wanted to see Cascas compete with Estoril for the title of paradisiacal destination and that was the motivation to start writing the 59 years of this beautiful story.

The fame is growing and the desire to enjoy the terraces in Cascais is growing. Come and miss the day spent on the terrace of Hotel Baía and choose your company at the table: the most appetizing reasons are Caldeirada à Baía (Thursdays until the end of May), happy hours (Wednesdays, 6 pm) – 8 pm), Portuguese snacks and recipes, imperials and cocktails, or a weekend brunch. Everything is a good reason to return to one of the terraces in Cascais where the smell of the sea smells better, where the waves can be heard calmly and the landscape is always soothing.

With the weather always pleasant, the hot sun and the smell of the sea, it is very difficult to refuse an invitation to enjoy the terraces in Cascais. The climate of excellence for walks by the sea can be the inspiration that leads you to leave home, having as a resting place the terrace of Hotel Baía. Come and miss the terrace and enjoy a place in the sun. Or in the shade. There is a choice for all tastes on the terraces in Cascais. Everything is a good reason to return to Hotel Baía.