Strolling through the Museum Quarter in Cascais

The sunny days in Cascais are a common denominator that illuminates the village all year round. There are those who enjoy the afternoons on the terrace, the beach days whatever the season, and there are also those who can’t resist visiting the museums in Cascais. In fact, the most refined village of royalty that once walked here is fruitful in cultural offer for all tastes. Whichever plan you choose, it is always a good idea to define the itinerary. At that moment, the terrace of Hotel Baía, cocktails and snacks, socializing, are the best start to prepare a cultural afternoon.

Which museums in Cascais should you visit first? Even if you have already visited some of the ones we suggest here today, there is an inherent beauty in each one that is always worth remembering. Before we go to the list of suggestions, do you want to guess the first one? Leave comments you’ve visited and liked the most!

Take the trip to the Museum Quarter in Cascais

This is a neighborhood with high-profile inhabitants, it is a real culture shock for the positive, especially for those who only see Cascais by the sea and nature. If Sintra has a microclimate characteristic of the proximity of the sea to the mountains, Cascais has created a microclimate in its image. The Museum Quarter in Cascais is the cultural epicenter of the village, which brings together, in a short distance, the Cascais Cultural Center, the Casa Sommer, the Conde Castro Guimarães Museum, the Paula Rego House of Stories and the Casa de Santa Maria. And these are just a few highlights of this museum tour in Cascais.

Check schedules and purchase tickets online to avoid those queues that no one appreciates to have the best experience at museums in Cascais. Be it a visit with or without a guide, for one or more places, the important thing is to fill the day with beauty and cultural knowledge. Let’s do it?

Next stop: Cascais Cultural Center

It would be impossible to write an article about museums in Cascais without mentioning the Cultural Center of this seaside village. Result of the rehabilitation of the old Nossa Senhora da Piedade Convent, which was transformed from 1977, when it was in charge of the Cascais Town Hall. It could have been the first Portuguese College of Philosophy (in the 17th century), but in 2000, this piece of history was inaugurated to bring exhibitions, spread over the three floors, but also concerts and events in the courtyard. One thing is certain: you have to be attentive to new exhibitions to make more than a visit to one of the always innovative museums in Cascais.

Paint the culture in the Citadel Art District

Moving from the historical register to a more artistic one, the Museum Quarter in Cascais gives you the opportunity to discover the Cidadela Art District. There are galleries, studios, shops and a project room where several artists exhibit their work. A place of choice to meet new artists and contrast with the old stories of museums in Cascais. And since you are in this area of ​​the village, take the opportunity to take a little jump to the Cascais Citadel Palace.

It is a historic building, as it was in the distant year of 1870 that the direction of the fishing village changed. Do you know what the role of this palace is in this story? King D. Luís, who frequented a cafe full of aristocracy at the time and where today we find Hotel Baía, decided to transform the Citadel Palace into a summer residence until the end of the monarchy, in 1910. Later, it served as a residence for several presidents and, today, already deactivated, it is a place of worship, full of refinement, history and undiscovered wealth. It is one of the museums in Cascais that best represents the Portuguese grandeur of other times.

From the fishing village to the Museu da Vila

It is one of the museums in Cascais with more history, as it tells everything that has happened in the village since its beginning. It is one of the museums in Cascais with free entry, where you can even discover what was done in the village before it was. It all starts with the people who occupied this piece of land by the sea planted, long before it was called Portugal.
The museums in Cascais don’t stop there, but we are sure that if you visit all of them in one day, it will be a happy day. While thinking about which will be the first, the second or the third, count on the terrace of the Hotel Baía to be the meeting point. More precisely in Cascais Bay, in front of the beach where Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa likes to dive. Also immerse yourself in a bath of culture, art and history and challenge friends and family to a different itinerary. Tell us in the comments which of these options you have not yet visited and which museums in Cascais you most want to visit.

The sun is already shining on the terraces in Cascais

The terraces in Cascais are beginning to give an air of grace, but attention is concentrated in the first instance at Hotel Baía, the mythical and also the first hotel to be born in the village, right in the center and facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most well-known terraces in the village and has 59 years of good times to tell. Come and be part of history with your next memories on this terrace.

Hotel Baía has prepared a new menu dedicated to sunny days and mild nights by the seafront in Cascais. There are brunch, cocktails, snacks, dishes and, of course, the majestic imperial that remains as fresh as the desire of those who ask for it on sunny days. More than a month of celebration, it is the month to return to the good times and flavors that the hotel has always accustomed you to. The esplanade returns in full force and its presence is just missing for the scene to be complete. Come and delight yourself with the new menu of one of the most beautiful terraces in Cascais.

The lively days have returned to the terraces in Cascais, and at Hotel Baía there are more returns to toast. The Happy Hour that so many friends gathered in 2020 is back, every Wednesday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with a special discount on drinks. Invite a few more friends and enjoy your place in the sun in good company. These are the first news on the return to the terraces in Cascais, but Hotel Baía still has more news to announce. Live music will also be one of the next highlights, but for now, the veil of this surprise cannot yet be lifted. On the terraces of Cascais, the maximum capacity is 6 people per table (and 4 inside) so that the conditions of hygiene and safety, as well as the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health can be fulfilled. This is the Hotel Baía’s commitment to offering good moments to its customers, in one of the terraces in Cascais with more history to tell.

Hotel Baía was founded in 1962 by João Soares and still remains in its original place today. Today, it is one of the references of the village, but even before the hotel was built, it was already a very popular place. It was in this building that today we see the hotel that the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie of Lisbon and the surrounding area got together for conviviality: in the emblematic “Café Tavares”.
In the late 1950s, Estoril started to gain a reputation as the “new luxury resort in Europe”, when it received many foreign tourists. João Soares, the founder, wanted to see Cascas compete with Estoril for the title of paradisiacal destination and that was the motivation to start writing the 59 years of this beautiful story.

The fame is growing and the desire to enjoy the terraces in Cascais is growing. Come and miss the day spent on the terrace of Hotel Baía and choose your company at the table: the most appetizing reasons are Caldeirada à Baía (Thursdays until the end of May), happy hours (Wednesdays, 6 pm) – 8 pm), Portuguese snacks and recipes, imperials and cocktails, or a weekend brunch. Everything is a good reason to return to one of the terraces in Cascais where the smell of the sea smells better, where the waves can be heard calmly and the landscape is always soothing.

With the weather always pleasant, the hot sun and the smell of the sea, it is very difficult to refuse an invitation to enjoy the terraces in Cascais. The climate of excellence for walks by the sea can be the inspiration that leads you to leave home, having as a resting place the terrace of Hotel Baía. Come and miss the terrace and enjoy a place in the sun. Or in the shade. There is a choice for all tastes on the terraces in Cascais. Everything is a good reason to return to Hotel Baía.

Easter in Cascais: the tastiest traditions

Have you ever had the pleasure of living an Easter in Cascais? Is holy Sunday celebrated with goat or lamb? Before clarifying these doubts, the true tradition that has attracted more and more visitors to the maritime village during this festive season is, without a doubt, the catch of the mussel. There is no Easter in Cascais that does not exist at least one day when the mussel is king. And even if this year the tradition changes due to the pandemic, there is no excuse to order mussels and remember that characteristic Easter flavor by the sea.

The tradition we tell you today of Easter in Cascais takes place on Good Friday. From Cascais and beyond. The tradition that brings families together to harvest the mussel is a constant in the coastal area of ​​Portugal and has countless centuries of history. Like the festivities, this tradition and the chosen day also has its origins in Christian belief. On Good Friday, meat is not eaten, which makes catching the mussel even more captivating.

The best Easter in Cascais is by the sea

Although Easter in Cascais is not always a time when the spring sun offers us warmth, it is the day when the beaches of Avencas, Mexilhoeiro and Cabo Raso fill up. Many families and groups of friends come from outside and gather in the square in front of Hotel Baía as a starting point for a special day. This year will be different, but we are all confident that we will return to the great family gatherings and traditions soon.

And speaking of special days, it is not because it is different that it cannot be good. This year there are many offers to live Easter in Cascais. Being able to walk by the sea and feel the sea breeze when you wake up is already magical, but this year can be even better. Take the opportunity to extend the weekend for a romantic or family day. Book and take advantage of Hotel Baía’s offer. Stay 3 nights for the price of 2. Even without the mussel being caught, it has everything to be an unforgettable weekend.

Even without catching mussels, you will be able to taste it and gain an appetite to want to return next year and complete the Easter tradition in Cascais. The fresh mussel is great, but have you had the pleasure of eating a harvest for yourself? It is an almost indescribable sensation, as it seems that even the taste of the sea rises. Enjoy the balcony of your room with a sea view at Hotel Baía to order a snack like this. Be it natural, open only with heat, Spanish or Bulhão Pato, any option is delicious.

Like any religious festive season, there are more traditions related to family moments at the table. From goat to lamb, not forgetting the famous eggs and almonds, everything is welcome at Easter in Cascais or anywhere else. And if you like to snack, do you know why these are the flavors that are traditionally linked to Easter? Religion aside, we know that goat and lamb are choices that vary with the geography of our country. And the eggs? Where did the eggs come from that make many children happy?

Easter in Cascais is enjoyed with seafood and chocolate eggs

History tells us that eggs are one of the oldest symbols associated with Easter. The symbology of the egg is linked to fertility and birth. But today, it is the colored and chocolate eggs that are the figure of Easter in Cascais and elsewhere, especially with children around. Going back to the “old days”, it is recorded that Egyptians, Persians and some Germanic tribes were in the habit of cooking the egg, painting it, and using it as a loving gift among “neighbors”.

In any case, the origin is just a story, because the eggs we know and love today are those of chocolate. And for those who have a tradition of doing a little egg hunt with the little ones more in the family, it’s time to get creative preparing the game. Take advantage of our rooms to prepare authentic treasure hunts, since since we have to stay safe, we also have fun and positive thoughts.

Bring eggs, almonds and appetite to enjoy a delicious Easter in Cascais. Not only for the traditional dishes that Hotel Baía will prepare for guests and for take-away, but also for beautiful walks by the sea, with your foot in the sand and the smell of summer.

Valentine’s Day in Cascais is still a good surprise

In the middle of a pandemic, only love can save us. To keep the flame burning and health safe, there are only two options that are really worth the most romantic day of the year: making homemade surprises or booking a night of complicity and enjoying Valentine’s Day in Cascais. The important thing is that love saves everything and will also give a special shine to this Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that this Sunday, February 14th, there are even more celebrations and reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cascais? In addition to being the day we all know, it is also known as the day of love, and it is here that you can embrace this opportunity to spend a different day. For singles, married, living together or whole families, a special night in a hotel always brings good memories. And if your children ask why the towels are heart-shaped, you can always say that the love of parents for children is the greatest love of all.

This Valentine’s Day, in 2021, still has a special burden for being World Wedding Day. And no, it is not related, it is just a happy coincidence for the day that is always celebrated on the second Sunday of February. So, whether it is a recent passion or a wedding that has passed the silver anniversary, a romantic night away from home is always a good declaration of love. And where can you spend this day? We suggest that you enjoy Valentine’s Day in Cascais, because although you cannot take long walks, you can always choose a hotel with a balcony and sea views. Nothing better than falling asleep and knowing that you will wake up to a beautiful landscape.

Hotel Baía has prepared a special package for lovers who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cascais and have irresistible offers. Will you be seduced by any of them? Bonbons in bed, VIP service in the room, wine to share at sunset .. it’s just the beginning of your romantic Valentine’s Day in Cascais.

And while you think about it, do you know the origin of this day? Do you know who Valentine is? It was someone very passionate about the idea of celebrating love between couples. The story is old, dating back to the 3rd century AD, but it is a real tribute to the love we still celebrate today. Get ready to want even more to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in Cascais!

February 14th was the day Valentine was executed at the emperor’s orders. It was a sad date that originated the day that we see today as the most romantic of the year, where billions of people declare eternal love and so many risk marriage proposals. Let it be said in passing that gaining courage and enjoying Valentine’s Day in Cascais for a marriage proposal is always a valiant tribute to Saint Valentine, but let’s go to history.

At the time, Emperor Claudius II banned marriages because he thought that single men performed much better in each battle, when compared to married men. It was then that, in order to safeguard his army’s power at the expense of love, the emperor forbade Valentine to celebrate weddings. Valentim was the “matchmaking saint” of the time. However, Valentine disobeyed orders and continued to defend love, celebrating marriages between couples in love. This was his sentence, it was disobedience in the name of love that led to his execution. Be as brave as Valentine, put love first and surprise your special person with a very special Valentine’s Day in Cascais.

The tours that we can do today are small, around the block, the famous hygienic tours. This weekend, think differently and come for a walk by the sea, making the hotel your home for a few days. You will see that it will be worth celebrating Valentine’s Day in Cascais. You don’t need to ask anyone to marry you, maybe you’re already married, but this is a surprise that you always know well.

Don’t let love go into confinement and celebrate this special occasion with a room by the sea. We know that the most important thing is always the company, but having a pleasant landscape also fills our hearts.

Live the New Year’s Eve by the sea on New Year’s Eve in Cascais

Preparations are already underway and the mythical New Year’s Eve in Cascais is no exception. We live in days of great uncertainty about the celebrations of this date for the reasons that we all know, but it is no reason not to dream of a smiling 2021. While everyone prepares carefully for an unforgettable night, Hotel Baía is no exception to the rule with special packages and attractive moments.

The trend for the next New Year’s Eve is towards intimacy, with fewer parties but with a lot of love to share. With this in mind, Cascais becomes an unforgettable destination, as it offers the fullness of sunny days with calm nights by the sea. Walks on the beach, in the historic center, in the parks or in the Navy will always be a pleasant choice for the New Year in Cascais.

With the first day of the year on a Friday, you have the perfect excuse to enjoy life with the calm you need so much. 1, 2 or 3 nights are the most common offers to start the new year in the comfort and hospitality you deserve, without worrying about any details. To live the New Year in Cascais is to start 2021 on the right foot.

In front of Hotel Baía, and with a street full of palm trees that make up the scene, it has the ideal place to catch a glimpse of the fireworks that will be prepared. With the impossibility of celebrating this new year on the street, nothing better than a window looking out over the sea to see this beautiful light show.

Wherever it is, the important thing is that it is a happy night and that it may be the renewing of energies for the year ahead. New Year’s Eve in Cascais has everything you want, with a great variety in cultural, landscape and, of course, gastronomic offer. All of this with the sea always at our side will be really a must.

Enjoy the good side of life and enjoy New Year’s Eve in Cascais with special offers at Hotel Baía. Dinner, champagne and the first brunch of the year by the sea. Do you want to find the best offer for you? Discover here your temptation to end 2020 as you deserve.

The village is already excited to welcome you. Being present on New Year’s Eve in Cascais will be a must. Bring your camera to record all the moments. Train your talent and start dreaming of another beautiful photo album, to save, frame or offer to the people you care about most. Cascais awaits you!

Visiting Cascais in the winter has more charm with “Chá das Cinco”

Autumn has burst in and winter is approaching, but visiting Cascais remains a plan that makes every day and night more enjoyable. The colder days are getting closer, but Cascais is a privileged village due to the good weather, sunny days, and spaces as welcoming as you want for a relaxed afternoon. Strolling along the beaches or the historic center, make Hotel Baía your point of arrival or departure for another good day.

The cooler temperature, even with a bright sun, makes us want a more welcoming place and a very hot drink in hand. It gets dark early and the right place to be is at Chá das Cinco at the Hotel Baía Gallery. With a refined decoration and a view that wants to look at the Atlantic Ocean and the historic bay of Cascais, the Hotel has created a special menu designed especially for your taste for just € 7. Without forgetting the delicious tea that warms our souls and energies for another stroll through the village.

Without the natural flood of tourists looking for summer, visiting Cascais is a pleasant surprise with all the tranquility you will have to visit the landscapes that you so much wanted. Visiting Cascais when the village is full creates the illusion that time is short to truly appreciate the tranquility of the sea, the landscape, of each beautiful place. From viewpoints to beaches, from cafes to restaurants, the lines disappear and the perfect setting is created to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the village.

This time of year is undoubtedly the best time to visit Boca do Inferno, Praia da Grota, or Guincho. Away from the summer hustle and bustle, you’ll have plenty of time to photograph the landscape and keep the moment forever in your memories. There is nothing better than being able to savor the unattainable beauty of nature for as long as you want.

Each landscape on this coast has its own particularity and surroundings, and it is in autumn that you can best enjoy them. Now, in the fall, the ideal time has come to make the 9km bike path that brings Cascais center to Praia do Guincho. Always by the sea, it is an inspiring walk that, at this time of year, can be calmly enjoyed without running around. Enjoy and make the journey with an e-bike, effortlessly for you and in communion with nature.

It will certainly be a revitalizing experience for your well-being. Not only for the exercise of a relaxed walk, but also for the fresh air and sea breeze that inspires your best days.

We cannot fail to advise Cascais without mentioning that there is a historical richness to be discovered, in palaces and museums that tell the story of this planted seaside town with refinement. For the fearless, nothing better than embracing walking routes through the wild in the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. Here, everything is beautiful.

If you want to visit Cascais and explore its adventurous and sports side, you will certainly want to try some surf lessons in Guincho or practice golf on one of the most beautiful courses in Portugal. Not only for the surroundings, but also for the feeling of well-being with the sea always on the prowl.

Visiting Cascais means enjoying the fall / winter with class and refinement.

What to do in Cascais in the heat of October

Summer has come to an end, but in Cascais it’s only a date on the calendar. If you want to enjoy the last hot days until the last minutes, Cascais is the perfect option. The hot beach days and summer nights continue throughout the month of October and there are the most varied plans to always know what to do in Cascais. The refinement of the village and the warmth of October create the perfect environment for a little escapade in Cascais.

Where will you start, do you know? We recommend a walking tour in the center of the village, where each corner tells its story. On short walks from the Hotel Baía you will find palaces, museums, parks, or a simple esplanade. This esplanade will certainly offer you a peaceful landscape.

Is it the culture and history of the city that pull you?

What to do in Cascais when it is not the beach that attracts you the most? Cascais has always counted on the visit and stay of kings and princes, illustrious world figures who raise the city’s name and leave their mark. The Santa Marta Lighthouse and the Casa de Santa Maria, the Condes Castro de Guimarães Museum or the Cascais Citadel Palace are symbols of this heritage. If it is culture, art and history that motivate you to discover a new city, Cascais is your choice.

Cascais, a destination for all tastes

If you still don’t know what to do in Cascais on the next vacation or weekend, relax and enjoy a calmer afternoon, and make the most of the sunny days at the best terraces. From rooftops with panoramic views, esplanades where you can only hear the sea, or esplanades in the center and agitation of the village, there is a right choice for everyone. At Hotel Baía, the esplanade offers an almost paradisiacal landscape between the characteristic architecture of the village and the palm trees that complete this sea landscape.

Speaking of all tastes, is golf one of yours? Cascais is also a reference for those who like to practice golf. Professionals and amateurs gather in the green fields, which inspire their best game by the landscape that each course offers. And if you already know the various charms of the town and no longer know what to do in Cascais to be surprised, why not test your skill in a golf course?

Or do you prefer to take a little jump on the beaches of Cascais?

The fishermen’s beach is still a reference to start a pleasant walk in Cascais. It has the mythical Hotel Baía as landscape and can be the beginning of a walk along the wall. What to do in Cascais these days? The invitation is simple: choose the perfect place for a run or a walk by the sea to Estoril, and discover the various welcoming beaches that will refresh your afternoons. There is Duchess beach, Tamariz beach, Avencas beach, and much more. It will be difficult to choose, because although they all share the same ocean, they all have their own beauty.

That’s how we get to Guincho. For lovers of hiking or cycling, there is an excellent bike path that connects the center of town to this mythical area. The closer you get, the more pure air you will feel, the true pure air of mother nature. If you do not know what to do in Cascais this month of October, you can always choose to go recharge your energies in this wonderful landscape that is the Guincho. More than a destination for walking, it is a place that brings together restaurants of choice next to the wild nature of the beaches overlooking the Sintra mountain range.

And now, you know what to do in Cascais to make the most of it in days to come?

Enjoy your holidays in Cascais: the refinement of the seaside village

While taking advantage of the summer to discover the best that Portugal has to offer, we naturally speak of Cascais. It is the perfect symbiosis between beach and city, with the best of both worlds and incredible landscapes to enjoy your holidays in Cascais and create an album full of photographs. Your journey begins in the center of the village, next to the Hotel Baía, which is a viewpoint for the refinement of the palaces and the beauty of the beaches.

Before landscapes, viewpoints and sunbathing, your holidays in Cascais begin with a journey through typical gastronomy and local shops with 2 landmarks that you will not want to miss. At Mercado da Vila, you will find an appetizing variety of styles and cultural fusions that are inspired by tradition to reinvent the gastronomy of the region. You will also find some stores of Portuguese origin and manufacture, with gifts and souvenirs that will enrich the decor of your living room. Enjoy and choose something lasting as a souvenir of your holiday in Cascais.

The same happens at Casa da Guia, where the offer is even richer, both in trade and gastronomy. Your holidays in Cascais are even better with ice cream and açaí bowls, seafood and meals inspired by the sea. All of this is at Casa da Guia, which is by the sea and from where you can see the silhouette of the Cascais coast. The moments of relaxation to live your holidays in Cascais start here, in this unmissable landscape, but quickly also become a cultural experience in museums and exhibitions, which both tell the history and the present of the seaside village.

From culture to gastronomy, discover the best for your holidays in Cascais

The Cidadela Palace in Cascais sets the tone for a walk among the various statues of historical figures: Pope John Paul II, Luís Vaz de Camões, D. Pedro I or D. Carlos I. It is a short, but intense journey through the history of Portugal. When so many kings and princes of the world chose Cascais to stroll or live, the glamor and sophistication could only be evident throughout the landscape. Your holidays in Cascais should always include the House and the Lighthouse of Santa Marta, the Library Museum of the Counts of Castro Guimarães, Museum of the Sea King D. Carlos, Cascais Cultural Center, among many other places of reference to absorb the history and village culture.

For visitors with a cosmopolitan spirit, this is the side of Cascais that will win the hearts of tourists. You will feel like the kings and queens that once walked these streets, but the trip is more balanced when there is a good dose of beaches that fill the cards and itineraries of those who visit this area of ​​Portugal.

From small beaches and calm seas to wild landscapes and challenging waves, Cascais has a little bit of everything to enrich your vacation. It is difficult to choose the best beaches in Cascais, but you are sure to find one to your liking.

For peaceful sunbathing and diving in a calm sea, choose Praia dos Pescadores (in front of Hotel Baía), Conceição beach or Duquesa beach. For your holidays in Cascais to be even better, we highlight Praia da Duquesa, where you can also venture into a SUP experience. Do you know what it is? It is a stand-up paddle, a board that challenges your balance and motor coordination. Choose your classes at Surfnpaddle / Surf & Paddleboard School Portugal and tell us how it went in the comments. One thing is for sure: it will be a fun time and a story to tell whenever you remember these holidays in Cascais.

Walking days and adventure days, anything is possible in Cascais, especially if your adventurous spirit is receptive to some surf lessons at Guincho beach, with big and small waves, always touched by the characteristic wind of the region. Cascais is a mix of elegance and adventure, history, refinement and the sea. It is a passionate place that will have to be part of your next vacation itinerary.

The best beaches in Cascais

The bathing season is already underway and the doors are open for a summer full of dives and sunbathing on the best beaches in Cascais. From Guincho to Estoril, with the village of Cascais in the center, the offer is complete and diverse on all beaches. From sea conditions to the size of the beach, you will discover which of the best beaches in Cascais is your favorite.

Start the journey at the door of the Hotel Baía and discover Praia dos Pescadores, small and with a very calm sea, with a privileged view of Cascais Marina. It is a beach that has gained a special reputation for being chosen by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to swim and keep in shape. A beach that deserves your visit as much as it will deserve your rest.

A seafront wall with 3km of unique beaches to visit

The trip to the best beaches in Cascais continues at a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Baía. You will find Praia da Conceição which marks the beginning of a 3 km walkway to Estoril, side by side with the sea and with several beaches to enjoy along the way. It is the first of this trip, where the waves are small and sailboats sail through the landscape. It is next to the Hotel Albatroz, whose terrace can make your afternoon at the lightest and most relaxed time of the week.

Sharing the short stretch of sand, you will arrive at Duquesa beach, a beach that is filled with stand-up paddle practitioners. This is the best and smoothest sea to learn and have fun with this water sport.

Tamariz, Poça and Azarujinha Beach

The tour continues along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and ends at Praia da Azarujinha. Throughout this route you will find a sea of ​​terraces, between bars and restaurants, which invite you to refreshing drinks and tasty meals with the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer. The challenge is to take this route and choose your Top 3 of the best beaches in Cascais. After enjoying all these beaches, it’s time to turn around and go to the other side of Cascais.

Discover the wildest side and a sea filled with more energy. We are talking about Guincho, a place with a breathtaking landscape and two beaches that have direct access to the best beaches in Cascais.

The wonders of Guincho, from the biggest to the smallest beach

Overlooking the Serra de Sintra, Guincho’s beaches know a different climate, but with the same bright sun. Surfing and windsurfing are kings on the beach that attracts visitors throughout the year.

Guincho beach is one of the best beaches in Cascais and also one of the largest along the beach. Perfect for photos, baths and extreme sports, where the characteristic wind of these beaches takes on an important highlight in the challenges it creates for windsurfers. In winter, this is a reference beach for walking dogs.

A few meters away, but more hidden and reserved, you will find the Cresmina beach, which is also one of the best beaches in Cascais. It is the smallest beach in Guincho and is located between two rocks that can protect you from the wind for relaxing sunbathing. It is unmistakably beautiful and, like its neighbors in Guincho, is known for its strong undulation.

These are the best beaches in Cascais, but there are still more!

Well, Cascais is an area where the offer of beaches is extensive. From the calm waves of the center of Cascais, to the strong waves of Guincho, or from the sailboats and yachts in the landscape to a multitude of windsurfers and paragliders. Now, the challenge is on this side. Discover the best beaches in Cascais and also make your list of favorite beaches.

“Ironman 70.3 Portugal” brings to the Cascais Bay over 2700 athletes from all over the world

The second edition of Ironman 70.3-Cascais Portugal will take place on September 30 in the Cascais Bay, right in front of, and already has a record number of 2700 athletes entered: 20% more than last year, thereby proving its success.

The vast majority (80%) are foreign athletes from 70 countries. However, Portugal remains at the top of the participating nationalities, followed by Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland.

These include the national champions João Ferreira and Ana Filipa Santos and the Olympic athletes João Silva and Bruno Pais, increasing expectations of a good fight against Spanish champion Gustavo Rodriguez and the former world champion of dualto.

The Organization estimates that the impact on the economy will exceed €7M, with the event’s budget at €1M.

Don’t miss this important international event of great media impact and pop by for a visit at Hotel Baía Cascais, which from the beginning has always provided great support to this initiative.