5 Romantic Programs in Cascais

Cascais is a charming town that attracts many tourists in search of romance and tranquillity. With fine white sandy beaches, stunning views and a picturesque atmosphere, it is the perfect place for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway (and indeed, at any time of the year).
Here are some suggestions of programmes to enjoy with your soulmate in Cascais:

Boat trips

Boat trips in Cascais offer a unique and romantic experience.

Some tours run along the coast of Cascais, passing places like the Fortress of São João do Estoril and the Estoril Coast Beaches, while others venture out of the harbour, allowing you to see the ocean and the sailing boats passing by.

Some tours offer dinner options on board, which can be quite a romantic option to accompany a sunset.

Outdoor dining

Enjoy an outdoor dinner at one of the restaurants located in Cascais Marina and enjoy the breathtaking view over the sea. With excellent fish and seafood restaurants, quality options abound for a romantic and delicious dinner.

Walks on the beach

Enjoy a day at Praia da Conceição, one of the most popular beaches in Cascais and/or Praia do Tamariz located in Estoril, and relax with your partner on the sand. As it is winter, the beaches of Cascais are less crowded, which is the ideal setting for a romantic walk in a peaceful environment and in contact with nature.

Horse rides

Horse riding in Cascais is a great way to explore the area and see the stunning scenery. The horses are trained and safe, and the guides are experienced, meaning you can enjoy the ride without worrying about safety.

Some tours follow the coastline, while others go inland on the way to the mountains.

Regardless of the route you choose, horse riding is a great way to enjoy the nature and landscape of Cascais.

Gardens of the Palace of Monserrate

Visit the Monserrate Palace Gardens, part of the Sintra-Cascais natural park, a place of natural beauty and history, and take the opportunity to breathe in the peaceful and romantic air of Cascais.

Cascais is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway, for the variety of activities and stunning scenery it offers. If you are looking for a quiet and romantic place to spend this Valentine’s Day, Cascais is the right choice.

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