Enjoy your vacation in Cascais always connected to the sea

Vacations in Cascais have a splendid offer for all tastes and lifestyles. The sunny days are a common denominator that lights up the town all year round and inspires the most diverse experiences. We have suggestions as refreshing as the Hotel Baía’s cocktails to recommend and make the best of your vacation in Cascais. There are bike rides, surf and stand up paddle lessons, boat trips and a handful of invigorating dives on the beaches of Cascais. Be inspired by the landscape and start planning your vacation in Cascais with the perfect dose of activities and relaxation.

Cycling through the Kings Village

Cascais Bay is the right place to be the starting point for 2 types of bike tours. And since you are on vacation, it is best to rent an electric bike to save your legs and concentrate on the seascape the tour offers. With your back to the Hotel Baía, the hardest part of your Cascais vacation will be choosing whether to start on the left or the right. On the left, you can walk along the line of Cascais beaches all the way to Azarujinha beach. On this walk, you will probably not be able to resist taking a dip in each of these wonderful beaches to make the most of your vacation in Cascais. What if your choice on your first day of vacation in Cascais is to ride on the right side? It is a few short meters until you find the 9 km bike path that takes you from the center of Cascais to Guincho. Here, the promenade is on the edge of a livelier sea, always with the noise of the waves as the soundtrack of this “pedaling”. Don’t be alarmed by the size of the bike path, because the path is practically flat in all its extension. At the end of this bike path, you can take a deep breath and feel the lung of wild nature that the Sintra mountain range has for you. Let yourself be lulled by the waves of Guincho to choose the next activity for your vacation in Cascais.

Surf the waves like a champ

If you want to have a vacation in Cascais with lots of sport, add some surf lessons to your bike rides. Challenge the waves at Guincho with the help of Moana Surf School, one of Hotel Baía’s partnerships to boost your experience in Cascais. You can choose individual classes, family group classes and even a special class to do with the kids. The important thing is to have fun in the sea and be able to surf a wave from the beginning to the end. With more or less falls off the surf board, this experience will give rise to incredible pictures and lasting memories of your vacation in Cascais. And after all that exercise, it is time to suggest an even more relaxing experience than the balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Ready for a different adventure?

Time for a ride on the wind

There are various trips and types of boat to get to know the Cascais sea better and appreciate the architectural landscape full of refinement and regal nooks and crannies. Take those you love the most on a boat trip with you and if you want to release your inner romantic, we have the ideal suggestion. The Sunset Cruise Experience is a trip for two on a sailing boat to enjoy the sunset with champagne, sweets and delicacies that complement the experience. Your vacations in Cascais are filled with experiences where love speaks louder, but you don’t need to be in love to sail on this sailboat.

Time to go for a swim

After so much adrenalin, your vacation in Cascais also deserves some more tranquil dives without falling off the board and some sunbathing on dry land along the various beaches in the area. Once again, the choice will be between right and left if the starting point is the Hotel Baía. Along the Cascais wall, you will find fine sandy beaches and a sea so calm and soothing that you will feel like you are in a large ocean swimming pool. Poça, Rainha or Tamariz beaches are always a good option. If you like more adrenaline in every dive, in Guincho, Abano or Cresmina beach, the waves will already be part of your beach day. If what you most want to do on your vacation in Cascais is just focus on sunbathing, any of them will be a pleasant experience. Have you managed to choose the first beach to visit or are you still undecided? Share in the comments or read our article entirely dedicated to beaches to visit on a vacation in Cascais.