Which beaches to visit in Cascais?

With the longer days and rising temperatures, the charm of the beaches in Cascais also multiplies.

And it was with the change in climate in mind that the municipality has already kicked off the bathing season, in a concerted effort by various entities to ensure the safety of bathers.

But if the bathing season is open – and will remain open until October 15th –, which beaches in Cascais are really worth visiting?

The Blue Flag Award can help us. This recognition, awarded by the Blue Flag Programme, is a symbol of quality that aims to distinguish the efforts of the most diverse entities to make possible the coexistence, on our coast, of local development alongside respect for the environment.

The right to fly this flag means that the distinguished beaches have met the most rigorous environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria.

Among those awarded in Cascais, we leave you our suggestions:

Praia da Conceição

Located in the village of Cascais, between the Hotel Albatroz and Chalet Faial, this beach owes its name to the chapel built next to it, in honor of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

Its privileged location and uncomplicated access make this a popular beach not only among locals, but also among bathers from outside, being close to public transport.

It is also a good option for a walk at the end of the day, marking the beginning of the Cascais promenade, which extends to Praia da Azarujinha, in S. João do Estoril.

It has access conditions for people with reduced mobility, which is a point in its favor.

Praia de Carcavelos

No list of the best beaches in Cascais could fail to mention Carcavelos.

Despite not being the most unanimous, the truth is that it is a beach with a series of attributes that are difficult to find in others.

Right from the start, it has an extensive beach, where you can find quieter and more family-friendly areas, and other more sporty areas (with volleyball fields, beach soccer and a park for children). It is perhaps, among the beaches in Cascais, the most inviting for the practice of sports.

It also has an enviable restaurant offer, where you can have lunch, dinner, a coffee or a drink at any time of the day.

There is no lack of parking options around it, it has good access and is close to various means of transport.

It is also a reference in surfing, being the ideal place to have your first adventures on a board, if you want to try the sport.

Praia da Rainha

In contrast to the previous one, this is a beach with calm waters and a short stretch of sand, nestled between cliffs, in the heart of the historic center of Vila de Cascais, next to high street shops.

Enjoying some exclusivity due to its strictly pedestrian access, it becomes a privileged choice for tourists staying in the village.

Its name is due to Queen D. Amélia, who used to go there to bathe during the stays of the royal family in Cascais.

Praia do Guincho

A unique beach for its incredible view of the Sintra Mountains and for the conditions for surfing.

Located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, a protected area, its setting has remained natural and authentic. Despite the “wild” surroundings of the area, there are high quality restaurants close by that you should try, if you have the opportunity.

Guincho Beach was even the setting for the opening scene of the 1969 James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Despite all this, what makes it an ideal beach for surfing and kitesurfing makes it not for a more tranquil beach day, since the sea is by nature choppy and the wind usual.

But we leave you a tip: before choosing one of these beaches in Cascais during your holidays, look up the weather conditions online: here, it is customary to say, when there is no wind in that area, that “it is a Guincho day”.

Believe that one of these days is worth living.

Praia de S. Pedro do Estoril

Located in the area of ​​São Pedro do Estoril, this is a small but pleasant beach that has some advantages over the others.

Access is easy from the start, and there is parking next to the ramp. For lunch or a drink, there are two good terraces – and if you only leave the beach at dinner time, don’t worry: you will also be served.

Like Guincho and Carcavelos, S. Pedro has a tradition of surfing, especially Long Board. There you will also find schools to catch the first waves.

The beach also has the particularity of being sheltered from the wind by a high rock, the geological “accident” of Ponta do Sal.

The only drawbacks: it is crowded and there is some care to be taken with the rocks at low tide.

These are just five suggestions – each of the Cascais beaches has its virtues, being places for meeting and socializing for Cascais residents and visitors for generations.

Explore them to the fullest and you will see that each one of them is a world in itself.

Good vacation.