Mural by Jacqueline de Montaigne – Hotel Baía

Hotel Baía, in Cascais, celebrated in a very special way: the 60 years of a family business that has many stories that make this place magical. To celebrate this occasion, several actions were prepared, such as the 60th anniversary event, a flashmob and an exhibition that told the stories and the most important milestones in the history of Hotel Baía.

To perpetuate this memory in an even more striking way the talented artist Jacqueline de Montaigne, contributed with a mural where we can see the first original house to the hotel as we know it today.

Jacqueline de Montaigne is a Portuguese painter, muralist and visual artist whose dramatic figurative art, infused with nature, can be found in international galleries and the prominent international street art scene where her use of classical gilding techniques in an urban context, has become her signature. Although self-taught, he has an academic background in medical ethics and health sciences. She decided to fully dedicate herself to her artistic career in 2018 and since then her work has been represented in international public and private collections. Jacqueline explores her own nature through her introspective works, using symbolic elements of fauna and flora in her paintings. She prefers watercolour as a medium of expression and always seeks to create fluid effects, regardless of the surface she works on. Jacqueline currently lives in Cascais and dedicates herself entirely to her artistic practice.

More about Jacqueline de Montaigne:

  • 1st Portuguese female artist to feature in the world’s top 100 in street art (2022)
  • Academic background in health sciences, medical ethics in paediatric nutrition
  • Activist (IBFAN Portugal director, consultant DGS (IYCF), World Breastfeeding Trends Country of initiative representative)