Easter in Cascais: the tastiest traditions

Have you ever had the pleasure of living an Easter in Cascais? Is holy Sunday celebrated with goat or lamb? Before clarifying these doubts, the true tradition that has attracted more and more visitors to the maritime village during this festive season is, without a doubt, the catch of the mussel. There is no Easter in Cascais that does not exist at least one day when the mussel is king. And even if this year the tradition changes due to the pandemic, there is no excuse to order mussels and remember that characteristic Easter flavor by the sea.

The tradition we tell you today of Easter in Cascais takes place on Good Friday. From Cascais and beyond. The tradition that brings families together to harvest the mussel is a constant in the coastal area of ​​Portugal and has countless centuries of history. Like the festivities, this tradition and the chosen day also has its origins in Christian belief. On Good Friday, meat is not eaten, which makes catching the mussel even more captivating.

The best Easter in Cascais is by the sea

Although Easter in Cascais is not always a time when the spring sun offers us warmth, it is the day when the beaches of Avencas, Mexilhoeiro and Cabo Raso fill up. Many families and groups of friends come from outside and gather in the square in front of Hotel Baía as a starting point for a special day. This year will be different, but we are all confident that we will return to the great family gatherings and traditions soon.

And speaking of special days, it is not because it is different that it cannot be good. This year there are many offers to live Easter in Cascais. Being able to walk by the sea and feel the sea breeze when you wake up is already magical, but this year can be even better. Take the opportunity to extend the weekend for a romantic or family day. Book and take advantage of Hotel Baía’s offer. Stay 3 nights for the price of 2. Even without the mussel being caught, it has everything to be an unforgettable weekend.

Even without catching mussels, you will be able to taste it and gain an appetite to want to return next year and complete the Easter tradition in Cascais. The fresh mussel is great, but have you had the pleasure of eating a harvest for yourself? It is an almost indescribable sensation, as it seems that even the taste of the sea rises. Enjoy the balcony of your room with a sea view at Hotel Baía to order a snack like this. Be it natural, open only with heat, Spanish or Bulhão Pato, any option is delicious.

Like any religious festive season, there are more traditions related to family moments at the table. From goat to lamb, not forgetting the famous eggs and almonds, everything is welcome at Easter in Cascais or anywhere else. And if you like to snack, do you know why these are the flavors that are traditionally linked to Easter? Religion aside, we know that goat and lamb are choices that vary with the geography of our country. And the eggs? Where did the eggs come from that make many children happy?

Easter in Cascais is enjoyed with seafood and chocolate eggs

History tells us that eggs are one of the oldest symbols associated with Easter. The symbology of the egg is linked to fertility and birth. But today, it is the colored and chocolate eggs that are the figure of Easter in Cascais and elsewhere, especially with children around. Going back to the “old days”, it is recorded that Egyptians, Persians and some Germanic tribes were in the habit of cooking the egg, painting it, and using it as a loving gift among “neighbors”.

In any case, the origin is just a story, because the eggs we know and love today are those of chocolate. And for those who have a tradition of doing a little egg hunt with the little ones more in the family, it’s time to get creative preparing the game. Take advantage of our rooms to prepare authentic treasure hunts, since since we have to stay safe, we also have fun and positive thoughts.

Bring eggs, almonds and appetite to enjoy a delicious Easter in Cascais. Not only for the traditional dishes that Hotel Baía will prepare for guests and for take-away, but also for beautiful walks by the sea, with your foot in the sand and the smell of summer.