The promises for 2022 are fulfilled with Hotel Baía

We are still at the beginning of the year and we already have an idea of ​​what we expect for what is yet to come. We define goals to achieve, programs we want to fulfill, places we want to visit. Well, at Hotel Baía we are prepared to help you meet these goals.

Read below how you can have the year you want in Cascais:

More time for yourself

Take time to do what you like. Whether with or without company, leisure periods help us relax and be happier – especially when we take advantage of them to do what we love most.

Enjoy our Golf Package for 4 to 6 nights, with a passport to some of the best golf courses in the Greater Lisbon area and stay in a city view room (with free upgrade to sea view, subject to availability).

Alternatively, and if golf is not your preferred leisure plan, you can take advantage of our 4=5 nights offer until the end of March, and enjoy the countless other activities that Cascais has for you.

More moments for romance

Edith Piaf already sang, everything is happier with la vie en rose. And at Hotel Baía there is no shortage of reasons to make life as a couple even pinker, with brunch every Sunday between 12pm and 4pm.

And if you are looking for an even more breathtaking plan, we have the Romantic Moments stay especially for you, with a sea view room, romantic decor, sexy red wine and chocolates. It’s the perfect opportunity to surprise your better half.

And Valentine’s Day is almost here…

Party with friends

There’s nothing like having a good time with friends, sharing stories and laughter, advice and debating the latest news between snacks and a refreshing toast.

Come to Hotel Baía every Wednesday, during Happy Hour (6pm-8pm), to get a 20% discount on any drink. And better than this plan, only Thursdays Friend’s with 4.50€ Bica Gin Tonic and a snack menu to share in the best company.

Be productive with a breathtaking view

Starting the year off on the right foot in the workplace is halfway to a productive year as a team. At Hotel Baía we set the tone and are at your disposal to host corporate events with our Meetings Package, available until the end of February from €50 per person, including a meeting room, lunch and two coffee breaks.

Enchanted Christmas is in Cascais

Image Source: Câmara Municipal de Cascais

We have arrived at the time of year when magic happens and let ourselves be carried away by the welcoming spirit of Christmas. So that you can enjoy every moment, we have a list of suggestions for you to enjoy this festive season always in the company of Hotel Baía, where you can enjoy the IVAucher campaign until December 31st.

Corporate Christmas

Cascais already has Christmas decorations and is worth a visit. With family, friends or co-workers, what matters is getting into the Christmas spirit, so if you haven’t booked your company’s Christmas dinner yet, Hotel Baía has menus available for you to make an appointment. You just need to dress up. If you want to schedule a corporate visit, the Meetings Package is also available, which has a double room and meeting room, lunch and coffee breaks, from €50 per person.

Traditional markets for kids and adults

Image Source: Câmara Municipal de Cascais

If you haven’t bought all your gifts yet, traditional markets are a great option to choose handcrafted gifts made with all your dedication. Cascais, Alcabideche and Carcavelos are the places where you can find the Christmas markets and do some shopping, but not only that. You will also have the opportunity to try delicious street food and let yourself be carried away by the flavors that emerge every second. If you want to entertain the little ones, there are also several carousels available that promise lots of laughs and fun. So that you can enjoy all the attractions that Cascais has to offer, we suggest our 5=4 pack, from €55 per night, in which you will enjoy all the days you need to enjoy the Christmas season in the best way possible.

Christmas lights and Ferris wheel: is there a prettier ride?

Image Source: Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Streets decorated with Christmas lights and pine trees lit with a star on top are two must-haves at this time. As it could not be otherwise, the town of Cascais is already lit up to perfection and is ready to welcome you. But your tour doesn’t stop there. Finish off in the best possible way with a ride on the Ferris wheel installed in the Gardens of Casino Estoril and enjoy the wonderful view over the Cascais municipality. Enjoy this visit to Cascais with your better half and enjoy the Romantic Moment, available from €105, which we have available so that you can surprise those you love the most.

Christmas parade for Cascais Community

Image Source: Câmara Municipal de Cascais

To maintain all security in the face of the delicate moment that the world is going through and to avoid too many crowds, several Christmas parades are scheduled, in which Santa Claus and all his assistants travel on a train through the parishes of the county, thus visiting all children and adults . Knowing that waiting for Santa Claus requires energy, Hotel Baía offers you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Brunch available every Sunday between 12:00 and 16:00, so you don’t wait for the parade with an empty stomach. See here the schedules and routes of this Christmas procession.

Christmas with friendship

The Christmas season can and should also be lived with friends. Knowing the importance that friendship has in each one’s life, Hotel Baía created the Thursday of Friends, days when you can share snacks and cocktails on the terrace of our Hotel or, if you prefer, you can also enjoy the Happy Hour and Wednesdays enjoy -20% on the value of drinks. The important thing is to keep the Christmas spirit, so invite your friends for a fun day and take them to the charming village of Cascais.

And after Christmas?

Once you have the perfect house to receive all the guests, cook all the dishes and wrap the presents, it’s good to enjoy a moment of rest and leisure doing what you like most. Thinking about you and your rest, we offer Golf Packages, from €255 per person, available until February 28, which will provide you with the greatest comfort and tranquility.



5 tips for places and activities to enjoy the best that Cascais has to offer.

The coast of Cascais is one of Portugal’s popular areas during the summer, but it’s not because it gets colder that it loses all its charm from day to night. And if you don’t like crowds, this is the best time of the year to enjoy Cascais without large concentrations of tourists and visitors.

Here are 5 tips on what you can do in Cascais this winter and make the most of one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Portugal:

  1. Explore the historical centre
    The town of Cascais is always a must-see, at any time of the year. Take the opportunity to take a walk through the streets of the centre and learn about the history of this former fishing village that captivates any visitor, both for its natural beauty and its calming atmosphere.

2. Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth)
If you like to witness the true force of nature (at a safe distance, of course), Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth) is waiting for you. But don’t let the name of the place put you off, because the foam formed by the violent impact of the waves on the rocks is a striking image that can be seen, heard and felt only by those who get closer.

3. Walking along the beach
The weather is clearly not the most inviting for sunbathing and a dip in the icy water is only for the bravest, but a winter stroll along any of Cascais’ beaches (and there are many to choose from) is a recommendation that never fails. For those who like walking on the sand, listening to the sound of the sea and feeling the wind on their face, Cascais has the best places for this.

4. Cabo da Roca
If you have some time, make sure you visit the westernmost point of Europe. Cabo da Roca makes a perfect backdrop for great photos, romantic walks and is even a popular meeting point for the motorbike community on Sunday mornings.

5. Enjoy the scenery
Any place you visit in Cascais will always have one thing guaranteed: the breathtaking view. Whether you decide to go for a walk on the beach or explore the town’s history, the best recommendation for enjoying winter in Cascais is to soak up the scenery ahead of you and the unique beauty this coast has to offer.


In order to experience all these tips, Hotel Baía offers you 30% discount on any stay bought this Black Friday, November 26 (except Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

Enjoy the best of Cascais in winter and make your reservation.


If you haven’t made plans for your Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve, Cascais is undoubtedly an option on the table.

During this period, the town is lit up with Christmas lights and various events are held, from parades to thematic decorations throughout the municipality. And, as is already tradition, there is always a giant wheel in the bay, accompanying the hundreds of people celebrating in the street with champagne and a dazzling fireworks display over the sea on New Year’s Eve and the best view is from the rooftop of our Hotel.

Check out the stay + meal packages at Hotel Baía for this festive season:

  • Stay for 2 people in a double room with Christmas dinner and lunch, from 280€. See the Christmas Packages.
  • Stay for 2 people in double room, with New Year’s Eve dinner and brunch, from 490€. See New Year’s Packages.

Contact us to see all the special menus included in these packages.

For corporate visits we also have the Meetings Package available, with double room and including meeting room, lunch and two coffee breaks, from 50€ per person.


Get to know Cascais, a destination for golf lovers

From the blue Atlantic as a backdrop to the green Sintra Mountains in the background, Cascais has greens for golf lovers of all tastes. The town has long been a reference among golf lovers, but in the last few years it has gained even more reasons to reinforce this position. The golf courses in Cascais are part of the “Lisbon Golf Coast”, a resort that has twice won the award for best European golf destination from the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO). Without forgetting also that Portugal was considered the best destination of the sport in the world in 2018 in the World Golf Awards. Definitely an award-winning pair of reasons for lovers of the sport to book their stay in the town of Cascais.

Meet the best caddie in the village

Hotel Baía helps you get to know golf in the town, with several golf and stay packages to choose from. In October we have prices from 385€ per person, to enjoy the course and a Double Room Land View at your taste and pace. If you want to take advantage of our packages in the first half of November, you have offers starting at 435€ per person, and afterward (until the end of February 2022) from 255€ per person.
Exclusively for the Half Term period (between October 24 and November 7) we offer a special promotion: stay 7 nights and pay only 5!

Check here all the stay+golf packages we have for you.

Golf and Hotel Baía: the real “hole in one” in Cascais

Do not be mistaken if you think that the town is only about the greens. There is much more to see and experience in Cascais, whether you are a golf enthusiast or not. Here you can enjoy your vacation in Cascais always connected to the sea, discover a sustainable destination or even take a walk through the Museums and get to know all the history the town has to tell. There are plenty of reasons to book your stay in Cascais. And if you do it at the Hotel Baía, you will be able to stay 5 days and pay only 4, an offer that is valid until the end of the year.

Discover Cascais: a sustainable destination

The county is one of the 100 most sustainable destinations to visit. Who says so are the Greens Destination Awards, the ITB Earth Award, one of the largest tourism fairs in the world, and the “Gold Award” of Quality Coast. A decision that does not surprise those who live there and those who visit. But the awards don’t stop there. In Cascais, Hotel Baía was also distinguished by Green Key, with an international award that promotes Sustainable Tourism in Portugal.

Cascais at its purest state

If the goal is to see the greenest part of the municipality, then the Cascais Natural Park is a mandatory stop. The cliffs, the low cliffs, the beaches, the dunes and the majesty of Cabo da Roca stand up to the infinite blue of the Atlantic. Together, they conquered the recognition of UNESCO, which placed the Park on its World Heritage List. But the colors of nature do not stop there. They also dot Cascais through small parks, gardens and pine forests. And you can get to know them all with the help of an e-bike from Fully Charged, a partner of Hotel Baía. When you do, don’t miss a visit to the nature that resides in Quinta do Pisão, to the coastal diversity of the Pedra do Sal Environmental Interpretation Centre, the first “zero energy building” in Portugal.

Sustainability hosted at the Hotel Baía

On the blue side of the coast, concern for the environment comes to the fore with the Cascaisea group, but also with the organization Movimento Claro that collects waste from the bottom of the sea. All this care allows the species to live well in their habitat and in peace with the species on the surface. Proof of this is the friendliness of the dolphins on Flamingo – Boat Tours.

Returning to land, we find a neighbor of the Atlantic for 60 years: the Hotel Baía. And here sustainability is also resident. The hotel opened its doors to environmental responsibility and welcomed it with the implementation of policies for water and energy reduction, waste separation and recycling, and the progressive attempt to eliminate plastic. However, without ever forgetting the social aspect with the donation of meals, clothes and equipment. And all this environmental awareness has been rewarded with time. Proof of that is the Green Key award, the Green Leader certification from TripAdvisor, and the participation in the program HOSPES – Sharing is Caring, from Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal.

There are plenty of reasons to get to know the sustainability of Cascais. Find out how to make the most of the nature that resides in the municipality with our article “Enjoying your vacation in Cascais always connected to the sea“.

What are you waiting for to schedule your sustainable visit to Cascais?

Summer lives in Cascais

This season, the sun illuminates Cascais and reveals countless activities that will help you discover all the magic of the region. Whether by land or by sea, there is plenty to choose from. And so that you can make the most of your stay in Cascais, Hotel Baía has teamed up with several companies in the area and created unmissable summer programs.

Live the sea in Cascais

The sea not only gives life and color to Cascais, but also offers unique moments to those who visit the county. Enjoy the blue of the region with a boat trip or a stand up paddle class. If you prefer to sail in discovery, you can do it with friends, family or on a romantic journey with your other half and accompanied by a picnic for the occasion. For all scenarios, Flamingo Boat Tours invites you to climb aboard. But if you prefer the simplicity of a board, you can put yourself to the test in a stand up paddle class or just relax on the water in a stand up yoga session. It’s your choice. The Surf N’Paddle school is ready to receive all its students.

Discover the life of Cascais

Once on dry land, take advantage of the summer to explore all the beauty of Cascais with Fully Charged. Save your energy and take an electric bike ride along the several kilometers of cycle path that the county offers. But if you want to make the most of the day, don’t forget to have a picnic. Whether in the morning or late afternoon, all heights are perfect to combine the tranquility and fresh air of the county with regional cuisine. And don’t forget to end the day in the best way possible with your favorite drink at the Blue Bar. Whether as a family or as a couple, Hotel Baía helps you to enjoy your stay in Cascais in the best way possible and offers you special conditions if book through their website.

Live your stay in Cascais

Despite all these reasons to visit Cascais, Hotel Baía offers you even more to do. One of them you can find every Sunday: the delicious Portuguese brunches overlooking the sea. The others end soon. Wait no longer! Until September 30th, take the opportunity to spend 5 nights in one of the best hotels in the region and pay only four. And if you come with your better half, don’t miss out on the package of romantic moments by the sea that Hotel Baía has for all lovers. But if you want to come and discover this paradise near Lisbon in October, enjoy a 10% discount on reservations made through the website at until the 15th.

So that you don’t miss out on getting to know Cascais, also read our articles “Enjoying holidays in Cascais always connected to the sea” and “Walking around the Museum District in Cascais”.
There are plenty of reasons for you to have an unforgettable stay.

Enjoy your vacation in Cascais always connected to the sea

Vacations in Cascais have a splendid offer for all tastes and lifestyles. The sunny days are a common denominator that lights up the town all year round and inspires the most diverse experiences. We have suggestions as refreshing as the Hotel Baía’s cocktails to recommend and make the best of your vacation in Cascais. There are bike rides, surf and stand up paddle lessons, boat trips and a handful of invigorating dives on the beaches of Cascais. Be inspired by the landscape and start planning your vacation in Cascais with the perfect dose of activities and relaxation.

Cycling through the Kings Village

Cascais Bay is the right place to be the starting point for 2 types of bike tours. And since you are on vacation, it is best to rent an electric bike to save your legs and concentrate on the seascape the tour offers. With your back to the Hotel Baía, the hardest part of your Cascais vacation will be choosing whether to start on the left or the right. On the left, you can walk along the line of Cascais beaches all the way to Azarujinha beach. On this walk, you will probably not be able to resist taking a dip in each of these wonderful beaches to make the most of your vacation in Cascais. What if your choice on your first day of vacation in Cascais is to ride on the right side? It is a few short meters until you find the 9 km bike path that takes you from the center of Cascais to Guincho. Here, the promenade is on the edge of a livelier sea, always with the noise of the waves as the soundtrack of this “pedaling”. Don’t be alarmed by the size of the bike path, because the path is practically flat in all its extension. At the end of this bike path, you can take a deep breath and feel the lung of wild nature that the Sintra mountain range has for you. Let yourself be lulled by the waves of Guincho to choose the next activity for your vacation in Cascais.

Surf the waves like a champ

If you want to have a vacation in Cascais with lots of sport, add some surf lessons to your bike rides. Challenge the waves at Guincho with the help of Moana Surf School, one of Hotel Baía’s partnerships to boost your experience in Cascais. You can choose individual classes, family group classes and even a special class to do with the kids. The important thing is to have fun in the sea and be able to surf a wave from the beginning to the end. With more or less falls off the surf board, this experience will give rise to incredible pictures and lasting memories of your vacation in Cascais. And after all that exercise, it is time to suggest an even more relaxing experience than the balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Ready for a different adventure?

Time for a ride on the wind

There are various trips and types of boat to get to know the Cascais sea better and appreciate the architectural landscape full of refinement and regal nooks and crannies. Take those you love the most on a boat trip with you and if you want to release your inner romantic, we have the ideal suggestion. The Sunset Cruise Experience is a trip for two on a sailing boat to enjoy the sunset with champagne, sweets and delicacies that complement the experience. Your vacations in Cascais are filled with experiences where love speaks louder, but you don’t need to be in love to sail on this sailboat.

Time to go for a swim

After so much adrenalin, your vacation in Cascais also deserves some more tranquil dives without falling off the board and some sunbathing on dry land along the various beaches in the area. Once again, the choice will be between right and left if the starting point is the Hotel Baía. Along the Cascais wall, you will find fine sandy beaches and a sea so calm and soothing that you will feel like you are in a large ocean swimming pool. Poça, Rainha or Tamariz beaches are always a good option. If you like more adrenaline in every dive, in Guincho, Abano or Cresmina beach, the waves will already be part of your beach day. If what you most want to do on your vacation in Cascais is just focus on sunbathing, any of them will be a pleasant experience. Have you managed to choose the first beach to visit or are you still undecided? Share in the comments or read our article entirely dedicated to beaches to visit on a vacation in Cascais.

Strolling through the Museum Quarter in Cascais

The sunny days in Cascais are a common denominator that illuminates the village all year round. There are those who enjoy the afternoons on the terrace, the beach days whatever the season, and there are also those who can’t resist visiting the museums in Cascais. In fact, the most refined village of royalty that once walked here is fruitful in cultural offer for all tastes. Whichever plan you choose, it is always a good idea to define the itinerary. At that moment, the terrace of Hotel Baía, cocktails and snacks, socializing, are the best start to prepare a cultural afternoon.

Which museums in Cascais should you visit first? Even if you have already visited some of the ones we suggest here today, there is an inherent beauty in each one that is always worth remembering. Before we go to the list of suggestions, do you want to guess the first one? Leave comments you’ve visited and liked the most!

Take the trip to the Museum Quarter in Cascais

This is a neighborhood with high-profile inhabitants, it is a real culture shock for the positive, especially for those who only see Cascais by the sea and nature. If Sintra has a microclimate characteristic of the proximity of the sea to the mountains, Cascais has created a microclimate in its image. The Museum Quarter in Cascais is the cultural epicenter of the village, which brings together, in a short distance, the Cascais Cultural Center, the Casa Sommer, the Conde Castro Guimarães Museum, the Paula Rego House of Stories and the Casa de Santa Maria. And these are just a few highlights of this museum tour in Cascais.

Check schedules and purchase tickets online to avoid those queues that no one appreciates to have the best experience at museums in Cascais. Be it a visit with or without a guide, for one or more places, the important thing is to fill the day with beauty and cultural knowledge. Let’s do it?

Next stop: Cascais Cultural Center

It would be impossible to write an article about museums in Cascais without mentioning the Cultural Center of this seaside village. Result of the rehabilitation of the old Nossa Senhora da Piedade Convent, which was transformed from 1977, when it was in charge of the Cascais Town Hall. It could have been the first Portuguese College of Philosophy (in the 17th century), but in 2000, this piece of history was inaugurated to bring exhibitions, spread over the three floors, but also concerts and events in the courtyard. One thing is certain: you have to be attentive to new exhibitions to make more than a visit to one of the always innovative museums in Cascais.

Paint the culture in the Citadel Art District

Moving from the historical register to a more artistic one, the Museum Quarter in Cascais gives you the opportunity to discover the Cidadela Art District. There are galleries, studios, shops and a project room where several artists exhibit their work. A place of choice to meet new artists and contrast with the old stories of museums in Cascais. And since you are in this area of ​​the village, take the opportunity to take a little jump to the Cascais Citadel Palace.

It is a historic building, as it was in the distant year of 1870 that the direction of the fishing village changed. Do you know what the role of this palace is in this story? King D. Luís, who frequented a cafe full of aristocracy at the time and where today we find Hotel Baía, decided to transform the Citadel Palace into a summer residence until the end of the monarchy, in 1910. Later, it served as a residence for several presidents and, today, already deactivated, it is a place of worship, full of refinement, history and undiscovered wealth. It is one of the museums in Cascais that best represents the Portuguese grandeur of other times.

From the fishing village to the Museu da Vila

It is one of the museums in Cascais with more history, as it tells everything that has happened in the village since its beginning. It is one of the museums in Cascais with free entry, where you can even discover what was done in the village before it was. It all starts with the people who occupied this piece of land by the sea planted, long before it was called Portugal.
The museums in Cascais don’t stop there, but we are sure that if you visit all of them in one day, it will be a happy day. While thinking about which will be the first, the second or the third, count on the terrace of the Hotel Baía to be the meeting point. More precisely in Cascais Bay, in front of the beach where Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa likes to dive. Also immerse yourself in a bath of culture, art and history and challenge friends and family to a different itinerary. Tell us in the comments which of these options you have not yet visited and which museums in Cascais you most want to visit.

The sun is already shining on the terraces in Cascais

The terraces in Cascais are beginning to give an air of grace, but attention is concentrated in the first instance at Hotel Baía, the mythical and also the first hotel to be born in the village, right in the center and facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most well-known terraces in the village and has 59 years of good times to tell. Come and be part of history with your next memories on this terrace.

Hotel Baía has prepared a new menu dedicated to sunny days and mild nights by the seafront in Cascais. There are brunch, cocktails, snacks, dishes and, of course, the majestic imperial that remains as fresh as the desire of those who ask for it on sunny days. More than a month of celebration, it is the month to return to the good times and flavors that the hotel has always accustomed you to. The esplanade returns in full force and its presence is just missing for the scene to be complete. Come and delight yourself with the new menu of one of the most beautiful terraces in Cascais.

The lively days have returned to the terraces in Cascais, and at Hotel Baía there are more returns to toast. The Happy Hour that so many friends gathered in 2020 is back, every Wednesday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with a special discount on drinks. Invite a few more friends and enjoy your place in the sun in good company. These are the first news on the return to the terraces in Cascais, but Hotel Baía still has more news to announce. Live music will also be one of the next highlights, but for now, the veil of this surprise cannot yet be lifted. On the terraces of Cascais, the maximum capacity is 6 people per table (and 4 inside) so that the conditions of hygiene and safety, as well as the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health can be fulfilled. This is the Hotel Baía’s commitment to offering good moments to its customers, in one of the terraces in Cascais with more history to tell.

Hotel Baía was founded in 1962 by João Soares and still remains in its original place today. Today, it is one of the references of the village, but even before the hotel was built, it was already a very popular place. It was in this building that today we see the hotel that the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie of Lisbon and the surrounding area got together for conviviality: in the emblematic “Café Tavares”.
In the late 1950s, Estoril started to gain a reputation as the “new luxury resort in Europe”, when it received many foreign tourists. João Soares, the founder, wanted to see Cascas compete with Estoril for the title of paradisiacal destination and that was the motivation to start writing the 59 years of this beautiful story.

The fame is growing and the desire to enjoy the terraces in Cascais is growing. Come and miss the day spent on the terrace of Hotel Baía and choose your company at the table: the most appetizing reasons are Caldeirada à Baía (Thursdays until the end of May), happy hours (Wednesdays, 6 pm) – 8 pm), Portuguese snacks and recipes, imperials and cocktails, or a weekend brunch. Everything is a good reason to return to one of the terraces in Cascais where the smell of the sea smells better, where the waves can be heard calmly and the landscape is always soothing.

With the weather always pleasant, the hot sun and the smell of the sea, it is very difficult to refuse an invitation to enjoy the terraces in Cascais. The climate of excellence for walks by the sea can be the inspiration that leads you to leave home, having as a resting place the terrace of Hotel Baía. Come and miss the terrace and enjoy a place in the sun. Or in the shade. There is a choice for all tastes on the terraces in Cascais. Everything is a good reason to return to Hotel Baía.

Easter in Cascais: the tastiest traditions

Have you ever had the pleasure of living an Easter in Cascais? Is holy Sunday celebrated with goat or lamb? Before clarifying these doubts, the true tradition that has attracted more and more visitors to the maritime village during this festive season is, without a doubt, the catch of the mussel. There is no Easter in Cascais that does not exist at least one day when the mussel is king. And even if this year the tradition changes due to the pandemic, there is no excuse to order mussels and remember that characteristic Easter flavor by the sea.

The tradition we tell you today of Easter in Cascais takes place on Good Friday. From Cascais and beyond. The tradition that brings families together to harvest the mussel is a constant in the coastal area of ​​Portugal and has countless centuries of history. Like the festivities, this tradition and the chosen day also has its origins in Christian belief. On Good Friday, meat is not eaten, which makes catching the mussel even more captivating.

The best Easter in Cascais is by the sea

Although Easter in Cascais is not always a time when the spring sun offers us warmth, it is the day when the beaches of Avencas, Mexilhoeiro and Cabo Raso fill up. Many families and groups of friends come from outside and gather in the square in front of Hotel Baía as a starting point for a special day. This year will be different, but we are all confident that we will return to the great family gatherings and traditions soon.

And speaking of special days, it is not because it is different that it cannot be good. This year there are many offers to live Easter in Cascais. Being able to walk by the sea and feel the sea breeze when you wake up is already magical, but this year can be even better. Take the opportunity to extend the weekend for a romantic or family day. Book and take advantage of Hotel Baía’s offer. Stay 3 nights for the price of 2. Even without the mussel being caught, it has everything to be an unforgettable weekend.

Even without catching mussels, you will be able to taste it and gain an appetite to want to return next year and complete the Easter tradition in Cascais. The fresh mussel is great, but have you had the pleasure of eating a harvest for yourself? It is an almost indescribable sensation, as it seems that even the taste of the sea rises. Enjoy the balcony of your room with a sea view at Hotel Baía to order a snack like this. Be it natural, open only with heat, Spanish or Bulhão Pato, any option is delicious.

Like any religious festive season, there are more traditions related to family moments at the table. From goat to lamb, not forgetting the famous eggs and almonds, everything is welcome at Easter in Cascais or anywhere else. And if you like to snack, do you know why these are the flavors that are traditionally linked to Easter? Religion aside, we know that goat and lamb are choices that vary with the geography of our country. And the eggs? Where did the eggs come from that make many children happy?

Easter in Cascais is enjoyed with seafood and chocolate eggs

History tells us that eggs are one of the oldest symbols associated with Easter. The symbology of the egg is linked to fertility and birth. But today, it is the colored and chocolate eggs that are the figure of Easter in Cascais and elsewhere, especially with children around. Going back to the “old days”, it is recorded that Egyptians, Persians and some Germanic tribes were in the habit of cooking the egg, painting it, and using it as a loving gift among “neighbors”.

In any case, the origin is just a story, because the eggs we know and love today are those of chocolate. And for those who have a tradition of doing a little egg hunt with the little ones more in the family, it’s time to get creative preparing the game. Take advantage of our rooms to prepare authentic treasure hunts, since since we have to stay safe, we also have fun and positive thoughts.

Bring eggs, almonds and appetite to enjoy a delicious Easter in Cascais. Not only for the traditional dishes that Hotel Baía will prepare for guests and for take-away, but also for beautiful walks by the sea, with your foot in the sand and the smell of summer.