The celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Hotel Baía do not stop. In fact, 60 years brings with it a lot of hospitality, service and history – all of which are more than enough reasons to celebrate!

“I wasn’t there, what a pity! I would have liked to have seen it…” – is what you are thinking. Don’t worry! For all those who were unable to attend, Hotel Baía made a point of recording every moment and editing it into a short video so that it can be remembered by all who want to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hotel Baía.

See below the Flashmob video of the 60 years of Hotel Baía:

This time, a flashmob was organized to surprise visitors to the village of Cascais, with lots of music, dance and rehearsed acrobatics. The flashmob was supported by Unnus Live – Performing Arts Company and Artemove – Academia de Artes.

The party began with the acrobats settling in the square, in front of the Hotel Baía. In the midst of jumps, pirouettes and other eye-catching acrobatics, people watching this spectacle began to gather near the center of the action. As the pace increased, more people joined the 60th birthday party at Hotel Baía.

And what can’t be missing from a good flashmob? The element of surprise, of course. This unusual number on the part of Unnus Live would be enough of a surprise for anyone caught off guard visiting the village of Cascais, but the spectacle would not end there.

When the music changes, several collaborators and friends of Hotel Baía appear from the audience, as well as students from the Artemove dance school to join the celebration with a rehearsed choreography, which got the whole audience dancing and clapping. For about 10 minutes, the animation reigned in Cascais and infected everyone who witnessed this unique moment.